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2005 October



etiquette for the wi-fi world….

an excellent article today on regarding the prevalent use of wi-fi technology and how many people abuse it. if you’re using your cellphone during a movie i’m trying to enjoy – i’ll tell you to turn it off. and i’ll make sure everyone hears me.



technology…our friend?

man… i guess when things go bad they go bad. not much you can do. the last week has been one of those “what the hell….?” kinda weeks.

after a pretty crazy weekend i set about doing some work on monday here at the home office. i was working on a few different files and listening to some music. all of a sudden my machine freaked out, hung up, and i had to manually kill the power. on restart all i got was a flashing folder/question mark icon (i’m on a mac). great… hard drive failure.

it was probably about time for this. the machine was a used one, purchased on ebay. no telling exactly how old it was.

thankfully i had everything backed up.

so yesterday i went out and picked up a new machine. i spent the better part of the day getting all the necessary system files transferred over. so now i’ve got a faster machine with all of my settings back. smaller hard drive but oh well.

technology is a lifesaver and a pain in the ass. that’s all i’m going to say about that.



back up!

took a while but i got this thing working again. backups are a wonderful thing. i doubt i’ll get my previous posts back but whatever.



upgrading to a new server

so… maybe you noticed that my site went down and my “look” on this thing is gone. well, i guess you could say that’s what happens when you move from a crashed server. oh well. and then today my computer crashed. maybe it’s the hard drive. that’d be ok… if it’s more serious it might be time for a new ‘puter. fuck.