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a strange coincidence…

earlier this month i was granted access to a really great show at radio city music hall – fashion rocks. my cousin is a production manager and was able to get me a “talent credential.” this basically meant that i had an all-access pass to go anywhere except for the stage. anywhere, mind you. i got there in time to watch the end of the dress rehearsals and the highlight thereof was watching scissor sisters rehearse with elton john. if i had moved across the aisle from where i was sitting i would have been in jay-z’s future seat.

anyway… during the actual show and taping i hung out in the mezzanine. this was basically the area just behind all of the audience seating. this was quite a fun place to be, actually, because countless celebrities and “fabulous people” were coming and going. one of those celeb/fab people was john paul dejoria, friend of the late paul mitchell and cofounder of the hair products company of the same name. he and his very well endowed escort (i think she is his wife) came and stood next to me for a while. he and i met eyes once or twice. i have a feeling he knew that i knew who he was.

so fast forward to last sunday. my sister had just been betrothed to one of the greatest guys ever (i actually performed the ceremony) and i was now about to head home (dallas to austin to orlando to long island to manhattan to hoboken). i went to my gate for my flight from dallas to austin and guess who ended up being immediately in line before me? john paul dejoria! i thought about asking him if he was at fashion rocks but decided against it. he actually looked at me like he recognized me and i think he thought the same thing i did… “what the f@#%?”

i wound up verifying that it was him because i saw his boarding pass and later did a little research based on the name i saw.
anyway… i thought that was probably the most bizarre coincidence that could ever occur. what are the odds that i’d see such a fabulous person in two of the most unlikely places (especially for me)? to top it all off my impression of the guy was that he’s really down-to-earth. he was travelling with who i assume is his daughter (same last name but much younger and there was some resemblance) and the way he spoke to her as well as to the person on the other end of his phone told me that he was really cool. very soft spoken and polite. probably my favorite celebrity sighting to date.

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